18th Century Spanish Face jug

18th Century Spanish Face jug


A interesting spanish folk art drip glazed pottery face jug.

Height: 23cm

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A face jug is a pottery jug that depicts a face. Early examples date from the 14th century. During the 13th century, craftsmen outside of London became more decorative in their style, creating more anthropomorphic vessels that would characterize medieval face jugs. In the 1600s full body vessels supposedly modeled after Edward Vernon also known as Admiral Vernon. These pieces came to be known as British Toby Jars. Some of the best known vessels come from North Carolina and Georgia, made by African-American slaves in the mid-1800s. Though the jugs' exact purposes are unknown, many scholars believe they have either practical or spiritual value. Other names associated with African-American face jugs are grotesque jars, monkey jars, or face jars.

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