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Gerard & Marc 'Angels & Wolves'

featured artistApologue

The dynamic International duo Gerard & Marc released their new photographic offering 'Angels & Wolves’ a gothic Fairytale at the Melbourne Flower Merchants gallery space this April.

The factual fictitious story conjured by the artists centres around the lady of the house and her dress of a thousand living flowers, her debonair Lupine lover and their gold painted servants which are all presided over by a dark Archangel. 

The show was ceremoniously opened by Dr Alastair Foster Adjunct professor RMIT University and Director of Cultural Development Consulting.

With over 350 people in attendance the exceptional opening night had guests being seduced by gold painted characters from the series serving drinks, and were spoilt with gothic edible delights by Tommy Collins.

The photographic series aptly titled ‘Angels and Wolves’ consists of 7 large format photographs and they have been selected by the City of Melbourne to be a part of their Melbourne Spring Fashion Festival curated October 2017,also to be part of Festival of Light Argentina 2018.


Apologue Featuring Gavin Brown

featured artistApologue

 Apologue is pleased to present the fabulous work of Melbourne's Gavin Brown. We have a varied selection of his works, ranging from collaged prints, mix media and oil. 

 My work is constantly evolving and I am forever refining it. Each new body of work reflects something of my prior show, but it also explores several new direction, be that in technique, mood or vision.

Collage has long been the basis for most of my work and I tend to derive my source material from advertising and popular culture media. Currently I am layering this with my own photographic records of the graffiti that pervades Melbourne’s energetic inner urban environments.

In my own chaotic vision, busyness only works with good composition. The rhythm of an image should allow your eye to travel around a painting, acknowledging fragments, while reading the work as a whole.

Glimpses of private worlds fascinate me and I enjoy being an observer and commentator of popular culture in all of it’s excesses and hedonism, it’s beauty and ugliness. I hope to gain an emotional response from the audience, through creating scenarios and narratives, that they can interpret and continue themselves


Featured artist Connor Grogan

featured artistApologue

Connor Grogan was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1983. He completed an International Baccalaureate at St. Andrews College, Dublin in 2000 and Foundation Studies at Wimbledon School of Art, London in 2001. He has lived and worked in Melbourne since 2008.


“My practice investigates the way history is constructed or manipulated, to suit the needs of authority in the shaping, or control, of our present and future. This includes narratives around the accelerated scientific and technological discoveries of the 20th century. Many of these discoveries arose out of paranoia and fear - of disease, invasion, war.

My work collides these elements - analysing fact, fiction and comparing discrepancies in their different perspectives. I also reimagine events, adding my own fiction to synthesise distorted or alternate possible futures.”