Exploring Michel-Victor Cruchet

Michel-Victor Cruchet, was a celebrated carver, who supplied many pieces of furniture to the households of both King Louis-Philippe and Emperor Napoleon III.

Michel-Victor Cruchet worked with the cabinetmakers Ringuet-Leprince, Thuiller and Maigret.

Sculptor and ornamentalist, he is one of the first to have used carton-pierre (papier mache panels, plaster ornaments) in interior decoration. He knew perfectly the styles of the past and had a great ability to appropriate them and make copies. He participated with other decorators, from the end of the reign of Louis-Philippe to the mix of different styles that led to the eclecticism of the Second Empire style .

He was a supplier to the Garde-meuble during the reign of Louis-Philippe. He provided the audience seating the Duke of Nemours (1814-1896) at the Pavillon de Marsan, in a neo-Louis XV style.

He had previously worked at the Tuileries Palace for the Gothic Salon of Princess Marie d'Orleans , sister of the Duke of Nemours. Together with the painter Eugène Lami (1800-1890), a former teacher of drawing of royal children, he also furnished the Duke of Aumale in the Château de Chantilly .

He was the official sculptor of the Empress Eugenie . She confided to him the task of making copies of the antique furniture kept in the Garde-meuble, and sometimes enriching with additional motifs from the old seats.

Below an example of his furniture shown in the Louvre,  commissioned by Duke of Nemours.

Followed by a fine Neo-Louis XV gilt suite sharing the same quality and design features currently on display in our showroom.